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Sharpen your Color Analysis skills by helping each other!

Post your pictures or create a poll.

You could even post several pictures where you’re color-draped with different palettes like here, or wearing different colors.

Make sure to use a clear headshot, taken in natural lighting. Show us your pics! :star_struck:

To color analyze your face, on your home page, ALL the people are white. Seriously? Are we living in the 1950s? I’m of east indian descent so none of the palettes apply to my beautiful brown skin, and your website is useless to me and anyone of ethnic origin. You have good info on your site, but your home page tells non-whites to GO AWAY. Please add more Palettes for other ethnicities instead of only favoring white people. Thanks! --Sunali

@Raj_Kumar, this is quite right and unfortunately typical for the color analysis landscape. Thanks for raising this.

We’ll try to fix diversity at least on this forum, such that everyone will feel welcome. We will post some palettes for other ethnicities soon. Everyone who cares is invited to post their diversity palettes too!

And let’s get it spread to other sites as well.