Add color name search to add it to my pallet


I’m terrible with color. I been using the bars under the ‘add it to my pallet’, feature to tell me if the color I took a picture of is in the right season color family with the bars in the bottom.

When I take a picture of clothes, I get the color name, but can’t add it to my pallet by name.

I think it would be helpful for users like me to have the ability to add colors to the color pallet by name. Alternatively, provide the color number at the photo screen so I can enter the color number on the ‘add to my pallet’ feature. That way I can see if the color is for a completely different season, and also confirm if its a warm or cold color.

The current freature with the camera showing how well a color matches is nice, but its hard to tell for me if the color is warm or cold, or how well the match actually is.

Thanks for your consideration!

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Hi @fewfew , we’re working on a way to add colors to custom palettes directly from the app. You will be able to create a palette with your favorite colors and then, if you wish, edit the palette in the Palette Builder on Colorwise. Would that help you?

Possibily! My hope is to take the camera and scan a color and know what season its best for, not just how well it goes with my season. Thank you!

okay, thanks. makes sense.