Announcing the Palette Memory Game!

:star_struck: We’ve got exciting news to share with you! :star_struck:

My Best Colors, your trusted shopping companion app, is introducing a thrilling new feature that will change the way you see colors and boost your shopping confidence. Say hello to our brand-new and free Palette Memory Game!

At Colorwise, our goal has always been to make color spotting effortless, helping you find those perfect shades that bring out your best features. And now, we’re taking it a step further by offering you a fun and engaging way to improve your color recognition skills: the Palette Memory Game!

The latest app version is bundled with the game. No need to install anything else. Just tap the
image button on the Palette page to open the game. Once inside, you’ll be shown a set of colors. Your task is to spot the color that closely matches one from your active palette. When you correctly identify the color, the app will show a new set of colors, including only one color from your active palette. With each correct guess, you’ll earn points making it an enjoyable and rewarding experience.

Besides being loads of fun, this game is a fantastic tool for boosting your confidence in recognizing your best colors. By playing regularly, you’ll train your eye to spot your preferred shades wherever you go. Just imagine the satisfaction of confidently shopping for clothing and accessories, knowing that any color you spot is a winning choice!

So, have a blast and beat your own record! The more you play, the sharper your memory for colors will become, ensuring successful shopping adventures every time.