Fashion color trend: spring/summer 2020 new york fashion week

According to Pantone Color Institute experts, colors for Spring/Summer 2020 New York, express our desire for a sense of the familiar. Friendly and relatable, a palette of colors that conveys a sense of ease. At the same time, in this era of personalized self-expression, this palette of recognized favorites uses the familiar to take some unique twists and turns highlighting elements of humor, modernity and entertainment.

This report features the top 12 colors, as well as four classic neutrals, we can expect to see on the New York runway as fashion designers introduce their new spring/summer collections.

You can instantly identify trendy colors when shopping with My Best Colors app. Just click on the palette below to open it in the Palette Builder, save it, and import into the app.


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Ooh, I like the orange-red and what looks like Crayola’s Cadet Blue:

Ooo, pretty!!! I really like how easily the app makes figuring out those colors.