Help me narrow down my season, please?

I’ve gotten Spring and Summer results, but more summer. My natural hair color is a medium to dark, mostly ash blonde, though there is a hint of warmth to it.
I look best in blue-greens or soft to bright pinks or a soft navy, I think. My skin looks yellow/sallow in the winter when I’m pale but tans easily in the summer. Help!

You have very “summer” eyes, but I do see that you have a slight warmth to you too, so my guess would be that you’re a Light Summer (Summer flowing into Spring).

Your coloring is super similar to mine (your hair and eyes are just a little lighter) and my skin is the same way, ghostly in the winter but tans easily in the summer although my tan always has a bit of a reddish hue almost like sunburn but it’s not haha. Ive never been professionally analyzed but after a slightly excessive amount of research, countless colorwise me/dressika analyses, and the kind folks of reddit, Im like 90% sure I’m a light summer with spring influence so like the colors of the light summer palette + the cooler shades of the light spring palette work! You’re super pretty so i’m sure you could pull off either palette just fine😇