I don't understand the Color Picker feature

Hi there everyone:)
I used the color picker tool over an online photo of a jacket I wanted to buy. How do I tell if the jacket is in my palette? The tool says it is “Gold Digger” color and then lists the closest shades in my palette. Does this mean it’s good for me or that I should choose something in those closest shades instead? Confused! See attached photos.
And the bars below which are raised. How many is “a good amount” to suggest it’s a good match for me?

Great question! Here’s how to choose your best colors with the app, and why it’s designed the way it is:

The app uses your camera to identify millions of colors. When you point it at a jacket, the colors it detects could be similar to those in your palette, but they will rarely be exact matches.

There isn’t a single clear threshold to determine when “similar” becomes “different” and when a “thumbs-up” turns into a “thumbs-down.” This depends on your personal preferences, your unique complexion, and your willingness to experiment with various colors.

The app helps you by displaying the closest colors from your palette. The higher the bars, the more similar the color is to your palette – a positive indicator. Conversely, if there are no raised bars, for most app users it signifies a color that might not work well.

In your specific case, the warm, muted color you selected closely aligns with several yellowish shades in your palette. The app doesn’t definitively state whether a color suits you, but it certainly indicates that it blends well with the Deep Autumn palette. Ultimately, the decision to wear a color is up to you, though, at least based on the app’s analysis, it’s a rather strong thumbs-up.

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Thank you for this concise answer:)

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