Login Options for the App

Can the app accommodate other log in options than Facebook? For those we do not have a Facebook account, this is a must have.

Update Nov, 23 2021 - You can now import your custom palettes with the regular email+password.

This is a common ask. Unfortunately, the only login option currently supported is Facebook. Other options are in our backlog. Note that registration is only required for saving custom palettes for unlimited time and for importing them into the apps (premium feature). All other features on colorwise.me and in the apps don’t require registration.

We updated the apps to use the regular email+password login instead of the Facebook login.

New users can import custom palettes into the apps even if they don’t have a Facebook account.

Users who have been using Facebook login should use the same email address that’s associated with their Facebook account.

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Thank you, Michael. Will I be able to log in with my email on the app as well?

Sure, the latest app versions for Android and iPhone both support login with email and password.