Soft summer or cool summer?

Hi there :sparkles:

I get mixed results, sometimes cool summer, soft autumn, soft summer…so confusing…even got winter :woman_shrugging:

Simply tired to waste money on clothes I only wear once

What do you guys think? Please help :white_heart:

Please provide more photos and close up of eye. Please let us know if hair is colored or highlighted. If so, pull it back. So the soft autumn and soft summer mean that you look better in softened (greyed) colors vs clear or bright. Both are medium depth ( vs light or dark). I don’t see any dark features on you. So we need to compare a few S-Cool drapes/tops against S-warm. EX: lilac vs rust both same values. A bright person looks best in clear colors but can wear some softs. Soft cannot wear bright. soft people usually have some mixed features temperature wise, but your skin tone usually tips more one way. I consider myself more SWM but I look best in slightly cool (universal’s) & warm colors (close to neutral line) that are soft. My best colors within my palette matchup with my eye & blushing colors…and neutrals with hair & skin colors. I hope this helps.

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