Stylist of the month – Amy Vienna

Here at Colorwise, we’re always trying to bring value to our users by giving you the perspective of professionals. As part of a new series we’re starting, we’d like to introduce you to our first professional stylist: Amy Vienna!


Amy, what makes your Color Analysis methodology special?

I look at each client as an individual, not just a season.

That’s a great way of looking at it. If there was one Color Analysis tip you could share, what would it be?

Don’t waste time on colors you know you won’t wear!

We asked you to look at a celebrity and come up with a palette for them for our users. Who did you pick?

Gabrielle Union! Here is her beautiful palette:

Thanks for taking the time with us today Amy. Is there anything else you want our users to know about your palette building “philosophy”?

That’s an interesting question. I guess, choosing the right colors helps you look your best!

Where can we learn more about your services?

You can find my profile on Fiverr. The URL for my gig is here:

Keep an eye out for more professional interviews! Are there any questions you’d like us to ask our professionals in the future? Let us know in the comments!

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How cool!!! I love her palette, it is perfect for her coloring! :slight_smile:

How cool! Thanks for doing this Michael!!