Suggestion for the app

I’m just writing it here in hopes the developer wound see this. I like the app, it’s straightforward and easy, but it’d be even more user friendly if upon colour detection, the page tells me what family that colour belongs to (warm/cool, etc). Right now, I have to google the name up which is quite a trouble. Thanks!

Dear @cleo , thanks for your feedback. The app follows the most common workflow. The process starts with determining your color type, which you can do yourself on or with a color analyst of your choice. In the app, you select your color type, which activates the free palette with the 51 best colors for your color type. Then, in the app, use Camera Color Picker to test any color and see if it matches any of the colors in your palette. That would save you a lot of time compared to searching for the color’s family type. Hope it makes sense. Would love to hear you comments and thoughts.