Using Photoshop to Virtually Drape Someone

The incomparable Lora Alexander posted an excellent video tutorial on how to virtually color-drape someone, and it’s one of the best videos we’ve seen talking about it. If you’ve never used Photoshop, it’s a quick 5-minute watch that shows you what to do. (Also, how to use it to color type people, it’s pretty cool!)

If you’re experienced in Photoshop, what she does is select a clear, high-resolution image with a single color top. Then she uses the Magic Wand tool to select her clothes and adjusts the color by changing the Hue, Saturation and Brightness control under Hue/Saturation.

You can do the same in our Palette Designer which is free and doesn’t require any Photoshop skills. Sounds interesting? Learn more and see our video tutorial here.

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Oh wow, that wasn’t hard at all! I just tried it at home here (I haev that Photoshop) and it was really quick.


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