What Season am I? Do people with hazel eyes have a harder time finding their season?

Can someone be multiple seasons? I uploaded multiple different selfies and each time I get a different season.:persevere: I know color specialist say you can only be one season, but is this really true?

I find since I have olive skin and a neutral (I think) undertone that my season changes depending on if I’m tanned or not, or what color my eyes are at the moment. Oh, I also have hazel eyes which I think makes things difficult as well. I’m Italian and tan easily with medium brown hair… I tried to upload all the different season pallets that I have gotten showing the multiple different seasons but since I’m only allowed to upload file I included my most recent natural selfie.

Any help would be appreciated.

Thank you.

About Me:

Hair: medium/dark brown
Eyes: hazel
Skin Tone: olive

My Seasons:

  • Soft Autumn
  • Cool Summer
  • Cool Winter
  • Deep Winter
  • Deep Autumn

English translation followed by the original post:

Hello, how are you? So, regarding your first question, yes, there is only one color palette; you can’t have more than one. I see a striking difference in both images. In the first one, dressed in black, I notice your hair darker, medium-toned skin, and slightly light eyes, giving the impression of being greenish. Considering the first image, you seem like a Winter and, I would venture to say, a Bright Winter.

In the second image, your hair has a reddish tone, warm, your skin has a yellowish hue, and your eyes are a honey brown, giving the impression of being an Autumn. The lighting, clothing color, and photography effects can greatly affect the identification of your personal coloring. The first image seems more faithful to your real appearance than the second one.

In doubt, pay attention to the color of the veins on your arm: if they appear greenish, your skin is warm, but if they appear blue, your skin is cool. Also, observe the following: do you harmonize better with silver or gold?

In the case of uncertainty between Autumn and Winter:

Autumn looks good with warm colors like yellow, red, orange. Winter, on the other hand, looks good with cool colors like blue.

Winter tends not to look good with dull colors (without shine and life, with gray components in the coloration).

Deep Winter looks good with dark colors; Bright Winter with intense, vibrant colors full of life.

In your profile picture, you seem like a Winter.

Original post in Portuguese:

Olá tudo bem? Então sobre sua primeira pergunta,sim só existe 1 paleta de cores, não há possibilidade de vc ter mais de uma.Vejo que em ambas imagens há uma diferença gritante.Na primeiro, você vestido de preto noto seu cabelo mais escuro,pele media e aparenta olhos um pouco claros tive a impressão de verdeados . Considerando a primeira imagem você me parece um inverno e arrisco dizer um inverno brilhante.Na segunda imagem Seus cabelos estão num tom meio avermelhados, quentes, sua pele também está num tão amarelado e seus olhos um castalho mel, da a impressão de você ser Outono por isso. A iluminação,a cor da roupa,os efeitos da fotografia podem atrapalhar muito na identificação da sua coloração pessoal.A primeira imagem me parece mais fidedigna a sua real aparência do que a segunda imagem.

Na dúvida,repare na coloração das veias do seu braço: se forem esverdeadas sua pele é quente mas se foram em tons de azul a sua pele é fria. Observe também o seguinte; você fica mais armonica com prata ou dourado?

No caso de dúvida entre outono e inverno.

Outono fica bem com cores quentes como amarelo,vermelho,laranja .Já inverno fica bem com cores frias como azul

Inverno tente a não ficar bem com cores opacas(sem brilho e sem vida com componentes cinza na coloração)

Inverno profundo fica bem com cores escuras;
Inverno brilhante com cores intensas cheias de vida;

Na sua foto de perfil você parece um inverno

I would have said that the black doesn’t do you any favours but the pink really does look good.
I think that suggests cool season (bluer undertone), as it is a cold pink. That suggests summer rather than winter, as winter would include black as a good colour, (though given the lighting in that picture, it is difficult to be sure it is the colour of the dress rather than the lighting which is doing it!). I believe it’s usually possible to wear most things from the season which most shares your main feature, and possibly from other neighbouring ones.

I’m having exactly the same problem - it keeps returning me as any one of five different seasons depending on the picture, and the colours recommended for some are colours to avoid in others!