Why do you charge for palettes? They are easy to find on the internet for free

We offer several preset palettes with the full version of the My Best Color app, but that’s not really the main feature of our system.

The app’s main feature is the Color Picker. It allows you to pick colors by pointing the camera at a garment or any other object and instantly see if the color is flattering for you. Until recently, color swatches were the best tool for this.

Our app takes this to the smartphone era, and it’s easy to use! Learn more here.

We don’t charge for the classic palettes. You can find free palettes on our website, Facebook or Pinterest accounts. You can even adjust the standard palettes in our virtual color draping tool to perfection, also free of charge.

Have you made a great palette you want to share with the community? Let us know! :partying_face: